Information about string knit gloves

                                                               String knit gloves

             String knit glove is one of common working gloves. Many customers buy the working glove means string knitting gloves in China.

             How to category string knitting gloves


1.       Cotton working gloves.  In market, called cotton working glove is not 100%cotton. Mostly of gloves manufactures produce it with 60%cotton string plus 40% polyester string and then to be knitted as gloves. And also cotton string is not the 100% new cotton. The color can be natural white color or whiten color.

But cotton working gloves is very widely use in industrial area, building and household using and also economical.

2.       100% cotton string knitted working gloves is only can be natural white color. All cotton string is made from new cotton. It is used in special requested. As  100% cotton string knitted working gloves is anti-heat. Certainly heat resistant glove is much more expensive than 100% cotton string knitted gloves.


1.       Colorful combination string knitting gloves. it is very the cheaper than other three colors

2.        Nature color. it is cotton colors

3.       White color

4.       Whiten color

5.       Black color, orange color or yellow color and so on.
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7 gauge and 10 gauge are very common in market. 13 gauge is very special requested.

Density of 10 gauge is larger than 7 gauge.


Pinion wire and twine string. 99.9% use pinion wire to knit gloves. But gloves from twine string will be expensive and durability