Gloves Package
                                                Gloves' Package

Gloves manufacturers offer supply different packing ways for options. But which is the right one for you?

Let us count how many packing ways for safety hand gloves.

1.      ã€€Economical and simple package is 12pcs/dozen in polybag. This packing ways are very common for gloves valued under us$1.5/pair. Many wholesaler and distributor sale them by dozen. Such as knitting cotton gloves

, colorful knitting gloves. But sometimes leather work gloves are also packed in this way although the valued large than us$1.5/pair because of package is very cheap.

2.           Polybag with a hanger hole, polybag with a hanger card, polybag with a sleeve hanger hole.Supermarket, chain-stores choose this package to make customers convenient. Transparent polybag can show gloves’ color, type, style. Hanger hole makes the gloves display on shelves.

       Generally, quantity is 1 pair. But some customers sell gloves as a set. So two pairs same gloves or two pairs different gloves or three different artwork gloves.Such as: white cotton gloves, gardening gloves.

3.      ã€€Hanger cards are very popular in some market.  The shape of the hanger card is decided by different brands. Some customers pack the gloves’ cuff  with hanger card together. But some customer let client try gloves fit or not?

The hanger card like follows picture. One piece of gloves is balance for gloves to take a try.

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         But the cost is also expensive than polybag. It takes much more procedures to pack it. Such as
winter work gloves

, cut resistant gloves, heat resistant gloves can be packed in this way.

               Above are three common package ways for work gloves in JX work gloves manufacturers.