Gardening gloves are popular

                                                   Gardening gloves are popular

       Along with more and more peoples like gardening in their own home, garden gloves are popular day and day. At the beginning, no one glove is particular designed for gardening. Cotton gloves, jersey gloves or waterproof work gloves substituted as gardening gloves. 

        Firstly, Jersey gloves were produced to be different solid color instead of black and white to be as gardening gloves to protect hands.  Until one day, colorful cotton work gloves are good selling in market. Then we produce different designed gloves for gardening gloves.

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       Woman likes these colorful printed gloves very much. Perhaps, follows reason are correct. This kind of gloves is not only cotton material but also colorful printed artwork.

1)      Cotton material is very comfort and soft for ladies’ smooth hands.

2)      Dots on cotton shell offer large abrasion to protect hands when working in garden.

3)      Width cuff without tighten elastic band can be easy to get off and get on.

4)      Floral pattern printed gloves are much more beautiful than solid color and different flower artworks supply much more options.

5)      Artworks are can be customized per customers’ request. 

6)      Inexpensive and useful in home-improvement stores and garden centers.

7)       Breathable and lightweight, it keeps hands clean.


        Acturally, Colorful gardening gloves are not waterproof, and also can’t protect against chemicals, cut. Waterproof gardening gloves are better.

       Leather gardening gloves, disposable gardening gloves, rose pruning gloves, long gardening gloves are specially designed for gardening gloves system. As a professional work gloves manufacturer, we also produce gardening gloves for kids.