Using gloves in correct way
  Using gloves in correct way

1. According to the workplace to select suitable work gloves. Glove size should be appropriate, if the glove tightly, restrict blood circulation, easily lead to fatigue and discomfort; if too loose, using is not flexible, and easy to fall off.


2. The choice of glove must have sufficient protective effect, when need wear wire cut resistant gloves, please don’t use synthetic yarn of cut resistant gloves. To ensure its protection, it must be replaced periodically gloves. If you exceed the period of use, it has the potential to hurt your hands or skin.


3. Glove inspection at any time, check for holes or breakage, abrasion place, especially the fingers. For chemical resistant gloves can be checked using the inflation method.


4. Note that the use of gloves occasions. If a pair of gloves is used in all different places, it may greatly reduce the life of the glove. String knitting gloves is for common house hold using, cut resistant gloves is for cutting resisting, gardening glove is for using garden tools, waterproof work gloves are for using gloves anti water.


5. When using gloves, we should pay attention the safety. Do not throw the glove to make any pollution and avoid harm to others. Temporarily unused glove, please put in a safe place.


6. Removal of gloves must pay attention to the correct way to prevent connection with hazardous substances contaminated glove to the skin and clothes, causing secondary pollution.


7. The gloves should not be shared with others, because the glove interior is a hotbed of bacteria and microorganisms. Sharing gloves likely to cause cross infection *.


8. Wash your hands before wearing gloves. Gloves should be worn on a clean (sterile) hands, otherwise easy to breed bacteria. After taking off the work gloves to wash your hands, and rub hand cream to supplement the grease.


9. Before wearing gloves, please cover the wound if your hands are injured. The skin against external environmental damage is a natural barrier that can prevent the entry of bacteria and chemicals.


10. Do not ignore any skin redness or itching, dermatitis and other skin diseases to prevent the occurrence. If the hands appear dry, itching, bubbles, etc., Please see your doctor promptly.