Information of chemical resistant gloves (I)
                             Information of chemical resistant gloves (I)

        Chemical resistant gloves for protective solution for hands contact with acid or immersion to work. These gloves should be according as LD34-92 “acid base gloves” standards.

First, The technical requirements

1. The dimension of main parts of gloves should be per required specification.

2. Gloves don’t leak. Generally,10 kpa under, there should be no leakage

3. Permeation resistance function:

a.       Latex, rubber gloves:  sulfuric acid at a concentration of 68% or 40% sodium hydroxide, the gloves should not be penetration occurred.

b.      Plastic gloves: the concentration 40% of sulfuric acid or 35% of sodium hydroxide, can not be penetration occurred.

Second, Chemical resistant gloves include: nitrile gloves acid resistant, latex industrial gloves, plastic gloves, palm coated gloves on cotton shell and so on.

1. Latex industrial gloves and palm coated gloves are good selling and common used in market.

2. Gloves with palm coated gloves. PU palm coated, PVC palm coated, nitrile palm coated, latex palm coated gloves. All above gloves, our glove manufacturer can produce it.

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