How to stock gloves
                                                             How to stock gloves

       Gloves are daily necessities in our life. No matter in our home and work. We often use gloves to protective our hands against rough and injury. 
So “how to stock gloves” is a question for wholesale owners, chain stores, supermarket, importers or housewives.

         As one of reliable safety gloves manufacturers, firstly, we introduce two stock key points for work gloves.

Humidity. Material of mostly gloves is fabric. In wet and large humidity environment, the mould spreads quickly cover the gloves day and day. The quality will be destroyed by the large humidity. As per our experience, the best is humidity less than 50%.

Temperature. Temperature? It is the key point for food stock. Why gloves also have this point. Yes. Stocking gloves also take care on the temperature. Too cold and too hot also damage the quality. The temperature is 10—25 degree Celsuis.

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Housewives maybe care about how to keep nitrile gloves in summer.In summer, Fingers of nitrile gloves are easy to stick together. Then the gloves are broken and damaged. Three procedure can help you to keep the nitrile gloves’ quality.

         1. Clear it and keep dry in dry environment avoid sunshine.

         2. Put some talcum powder on gloves to keep. Or put the gloves in polybag to keep in refrigerator.

Hope these are helpful for you.