Choose winter work gloves

                                          How to choose winter work gloves

               Winter work glove means the glove for working in lower temperature. When work in winter or refrigerate workplace, how to choose the right warm work gloves to protect our hands from brutal cold condition.

               Two key points for winter work gloves: thermal to protect hands from frostbite; let our hands and fingers can work and move as free as possible.

               Firstly we should consider the weather, workplace condition, waterproof need or not, grip and dexterity are much better.
Choose a thermal knitting glove for temperature above 32°F and dry workplace.

Material of thermal knitting glove includes acrylic, wool and cotton or above material blend. As knitting glove elastic, grip and dexterity, let hands and fingers to move ease.

           Wool thermal gloves with PVC dots are very right for winter and dry workplace.

            Wool knitting glove shell is warm and breathable in cold weather, PVC dots supply durability and long-use days.

            Terry 100% acrylic gloves with PVC dots are inexpensive and acrylic is very warm and soft. Terry acrylic enlarges this character.

                    2.  Water, ice, snow in cold temperature actuate winter work gloves to be waterproof. Two layer or multi-layer glove are much better for colder weather and waterproof. Outer layer nitrile coated, latex coated can be waterproof. Thermal material wool, acrylic, terry acrylic, cotton and above blend material can be inner layer.

           This kind waterproof winter work glove is one of the best choices for temperature below 32°F and above 20°F. As dense knitting textile inner layer offers warm and dexterity for glove and coated outer layer are resistant for ice, snow and water and so on.

                          3.  Rough condition and below 15°F temperature, Insulated and heavy duty work glove are necessary. Insulated work glove dosen’t allow wind and cold air penetrate in gloves and accelerate heat loss. Thinsulate leather work gloves are also waterproof. As heavy duty glove losses dexterity.

                 Please take attention on your work condition and temperature and then choose what kind of warm work gloves for you. As one of professional gloves manufacturers will give you a little sugguestion on this.